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Interior design trends: “The Float”

Float glass is a type of glass made to look more flat and uniform in size, and is often used in current residential and commercial building products. Interior designers and architects, however, have been inspired by the glass’s qualities to create a suspended “float” look in a variety of types of spaces, such as using durable glass for stairs, room dividers, shelving, and table tops. This gives spaces a sleek, modern look that works with a variety of space styles.

The float look trend is a great way to spice up an office space as well. Those who run office space often wonder what they can do to give their business an edge. One way to instantly make an impression every time a client walks in is through office design, and a glass whiteboard can help you achieve this impression. A clear marker board is a practical way to infuse your office with both style and function, adding a piece that is a useful office tool without taking up too much space. Use your whiteboard as a message board in common space, a brainstorming board in a meeting room, a greeting board in reception, or whatever your needs may be. Or, you can use your whiteboard as a backdrop for signage with your company logo printed on beautiful glass.

Adding a whiteboard gives office decorators the option to use the float look without having to undergo renovations or major installations—concealed metal mounting hardware is easily installed and powerful enough to keep your whiteboard in place without distracting from the overall look. Made with durable 1/4th inch thick tempered safety glass, this whiteboard is 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass, and will last as long as the wall it is hanging on. With traditional whiteboards, you have to worry about replacing them every few years, along with ugly staining and cracking—none of which are a concern with Clarus glass whiteboards, which will stay looking beautiful.

There are plenty of ways to customize glass whiteboards according to your office needs. Order your glass marker board in a variety of finishes and colors with backpainted glass, including bolds, clear, frost, and of course classic white. You can also order with color matching or customize a color of your own. Magnetic glass can add a fun element: tack notes to your whiteboard magnetically without worrying about thumb tacks or pin holes. Your glass whiteboard doesn’t have to be mounted on a wall, either—install glass dry erase as a wall divider, table top, or eve take your glass whiteboard mobile with the Mobile Xpress, a glass whiteboard on wheels that you can take wherever you need it.

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