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Introducing Adapt – Where No Glassboard Has Gone Before

The benefits of glassboards are numerous. Power users, office designers, and communication enthusiasts all have different reasons for loving glassboards. Whether it’s the super strong surface that will never dent, ghost, stain, or fade, or the limitless number of customization options – glassboards are going to become a staple in board rooms, classrooms, training rooms, and now, the personal workstation.

Anyone who has experienced a Clarus™ glassboard first-hand knows just how superior they are to whiteboards in both form and function. Many users weren’t satisfied with just having them on walls, they demanded more. Clarus fans want them in their personal workspaces, at their desks, and cubicles. They’ve asked us to transform where they sit, think, and collaborate; enveloping their space in writeable glass. They asked, we listened.

After more than a year of intense research and development, our team has created an entirely new way of mounting your glassboards. You don’t need a screwdriver. You don’t need three burly guys who are paid union wages to install a board. We wanted to take a complicated task and make it simple, and that’s what Adapt is all about. Simply tell us your furniture system, the width of glass you want, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We can even add logos, calendars, or other graphics. And most importantly, they use a proprietary mounting system that allows them to be hung virtually anywhere in just minutes.

The typical cubicle is uninspiring at best. Doesn’t the place you work deserve a little more function and a modern touch? Now, individuals can completely transform their workspaces with Adapt glassboards, making them more aesthetically pleasing and inviting collaboration with coworkers and team members.

Adapt is the solution we’ve been asked for, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world. More than a year after we began, our simple mounting solution is compatible with almost any office furniture system. Modernize your personal workspaces with the customizable glass panels from Clarus. Want to get started on your next Adapt project? Just fill out this simple form and we’ll show you how easy it is to bring the best writing surface to your workstation.