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Is a Glass Whiteboard Right for My Company?

Glass whiteboards are one of the best tools you can invest in for the office; they’re durable, they’re easy to clean and they never streak or stain. Glass whiteboards are quickly becoming the most boards in every office, classroom and even home. So if you’ve been looking into glass whiteboards and can’t decide if they’re right for you, here are a couple questions to ask yourself:

Will I need a permanent board that I will use for ten or more years? – This is really one of the most important questions to ask yourself, since glass whiteboards virtually last longer than most companies even exist! It’s one of the biggest reasons why companies opt for a glass whiteboard, is that they know their investment will be spread out over the course of ten, twenty, even thirty or more years! Unlike traditional whiteboards, glass whiteboards never stain or streak, which is one of the main reasons you need to replace whiteboards every five to ten years. Since they are hearty and durable and keep clean forever, there’s really no need to ever replace them. If your business venture may or may not take off, or if you don’t foresee needing a glass whiteboard in twenty to thirty years, then you may not want to invest the money into one. Although, you could always sell it in the event that you no longer need it. It’s just one thing to consider.

Could I potentially break a Glass Whiteboard? – This is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to a glass whiteboard, since many people hear the word “glass” and think “breakable.” While we use tempered glass for our boards, which is up to ten times stronger than regular glass, it’s still an important question to ask. For the most part, these boards are nearly indestructible. We’ve tested them against all kinds of impact, and they’ve come out resilient. If you want to watch our “Throwing, Chucking, Hurling, Tossing, Pitching, Heaving” Challenge, feel free to find the video on our website and see for yourself. So, unless you’re in an office that throws chairs and desks, we think you’ll be just fine.

Is it Worth the investment? – This is completely up to you. Glass whiteboards can come in a variety of colors, including opaque, frosted, white, black and custom backpainted glass, meaning your board will definitely stand out from a traditional board. They’re durable and last just about as long as you’d like them to, so this question you’ll have to answer for yourself. If you’re interested in finding out pricing information, give us a call!

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