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Kansas State University Proves Future is Mobile and On-Brand


The design, architecture, and aesthetics of modern college campuses is a crucial factor in the never-ending competition to woo the next generation of students. And when it comes to the high bar set by high school juniors and seniors, Kansas State University not immune to the scrutiny. To train the world-changers of tomorrow, Kansas State worked diligently to design a world-class space to inspire the minds of the undergraduates.


With interaction and collaboration the main goal of the modern college campus, the Kansas State design team (alongside local A&D firm The Ebert Mayo Design Group) began crafting the College of Business in 2013. After years of planning and diligence, the College of Business Building opened in August of 2016.

KSU’s initial order with Clarus™ included 284 Float™ glassboards. KSU’s order included custom printed boards featuring their logo and school name, along with both purple and white boards to complement their school’s brand.

After KSU and Clarus had begun work on the 284 float boards, KSU enlisted a subcontractor to build wooden frames for each float board. The facility’s design included wooden accents throughout, which lead both KSU and Clarus to work towards a wooden-frame solution to complement the space. The success of the design has led KSU to consistently place more orders with Clarus over the last two years, outfitting classrooms with go! Mobiles™ and custom Float boards to elevate the college brand.