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Kinds of Glass Whiteboards

Glass Whiteboards are quickly becoming one of the best products on the market; they’re extremely durable, they don’t ghost or stain and last for years longer than traditional white and black boards. Not only are they becoming the superior product on the market, many whiteboard companies are now integrating interactive features, creating a versatile presentation and instruction board.

While people are becoming more familiar with the concept of the glassboard, many don’t realize that opaque glass isn’t their only option. That’s right, the glassboard is becoming not only a great addition to an office or boardroom, but some companies are even using them as welcome boards or branded signage. Here are some of your options, when considering a glassboard for your office:

Frosted Glass – Frosted glass is great for a cutting edge office that uses glass elements to double as design. Frosted glass has a semi-transparent etch and helps to take the hues off the wall.

Neon Black – The neon black board is unique and modern day throwback to the original blackboard. The blackboard offers high contrast with neon markers and is great for menus and bold signage.

White – The white glassboard is a great alternative to the traditional whiteboard, which are used in millions of offices and classrooms across the globe. The glass whiteboard offers the high contrast option of having a black on white board, but stays crisp and clean, unlike your traditional whiteboard.

Opaque Glass – There is, of course, the clear glass whiteboard, which offers a modern look and keeps your walls looking clean and fresh when they are not in use.

Back-Painted – If your office goes for the fun and fresh look of vibrant colors, you’re in luck. Even if your logo or branding has uses a specific and custom color, most glassboard companies now offer custom coloring and custom back-painting for their clear boards, giving you a custom look to your office.

Magnetic – Magnetic glassboards can come in any color or size and can be silk-screened with grids or calendars. These boards are great for hospitals or large service industries, since staying organized with scheduling is so important.

Signage – If you’re looking for a clean and modern way to present your company, a welcome board can be a great addition to your office. You can customize the size, color and logo to your specifications and it will help you welcome your clients and customers to your office in style.

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