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Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Christmas is here, and for the slackers of the group, it’s a very good reminder that Christmas day tends to mean dinners, parties and presents for the friends and family. Many families enjoy sharing the holidays together and will forgo the present exchange altogether. For those other gatherings, however, you won’t want to show up empty-handed. Here are just a few gift ideas for the last minute shopper:

Inexpensive Gifts – Small gifts are usually the easiest last minute gift purchase, since you can always opt for a food item or a giftcard to a local coffee shop. If your gift recipient is a huge fan of the holidays, you can give them decorations for next year, which you can usually find for highly discounted prices on the day of Christmas. Other great small gifts include stocking stuffers, like chapstick, fuzzy socks and tissues to get them through the winter, or mini bags of coffee for the caffeine hound of the family. Small gifts can be great for gift exchanging because you can still show you care by personalizing the gift, without breaking the bank for it.

Moderately-Priced Gifts – Most gift givers like to give medium-sized gifts for the holidays; it opens up the world of gifts, and your options are virtually endless. Moderately-priced is also a loose term, since some consider spending $30-$50 a moderate gift, whereas others push the $100 mark without breaking a sweat. Luckily, whatever you consider “moderate,” there’s a gift for you to give. If you’re trying to avoid the generic giftcards and gift baskets, you can make your own. These are a great idea for things you ordinarily wouldn’t found wrapped up or given in giftcard form. You can make your own “giftcard” that has cash attached to fulfill the value. Maybe your uncle loves jazz concerts, but you’re not sure which one to buy him. Make a small saxophone card and write “admission for one to a favorite jazz club” with money inside. Homemade gift baskets can also be fun; did your sister just get a new puppy? You can throw together a few dog toys, food and training items to help them get started.

Expensive Gifts – Luckily, for most gift givers, the expensive gifts are reserved for the people you are closest to. This is great, since spending over $200 or $300 on something that the gift receiver doesn’t like can be a major holiday killer. Some of the best expensive gift ideas are actually the most practical; since thousand dollar jewelry and down payments on cars are a bit rich for most people’s tastes. Some of the best practical gifts can be upgrades in your friend or family’s life, like a glass marker board to replace an old, dirty and outdated one, or a new tool for the kitchen, like a mixer/processor/ten function appliance.

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