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Learn about magnetic boards made of glass

Glassboards are one of the best products on the market right now; they’re easy to clean, they have a great, modern look, and they never stain or streak. One of the best things about a glassboard is that you could actually buy a magnetic glassboard, which is a great tool for teachers, office managers and hospital administrators. These magnetic glassboards offer the cleanliness and sleek look of a glass board while the offering the utility of a sheet of metal or a refrigerator door.

So how do they make magnetic glass? One of the best things about a glassboard is that you could actually buy a magnetic board with a piece of laminated steel adhered the back. This steel, combined with the rare earth magnets create a strong enough to create a great magnetic pull through the strong and durable tempered glass board. This is a great method for creating a glassboard, since the glass itself doesn’t need to be manipulated in any way. The board can maintain it’s beautiful and durable surface while adding even more functionality.

Magnetic whiteboards have been a great tool for schools, offices, hospitals and homes, since it offers a place for all of your organization needs. Not only can you use magnets to hold a single piece of paper, a receipt or a menu, but you can use the strong earth magnets to affix a small shelf or cubby for returning graded papers, for displaying pictures or awards or simply to use as a public “inbox” of sorts. While the usefulness of a magnetic board is definitely one of it’s most appealing aspects, the durability and look of tempered glass whiteboards is what makes these boards a no-brainer. Tempered glassboards are known to last an incredibly long time, they could even outlive you! Most people worry that glass may be breakable, if you run into it, or if something gets thrown in that direction. Fortunately, our glass is so durable that it withstood multiple tests, including having footballs, hammers, and large pieces of wood chucked at it from varying distances.

So how will you use your magnetic whiteboard? Teachers can hang assignments, no named exams and extra credit opportunities on the board where students can see them. Hospital administrators can use magnetic glassboards to easily switch around scheduling conflicts and adjustments. Lastly, magnetic white boards are great for the home, where you can keep your children up-to-date on their weekly activities as well as keep your own life on track.

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