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Make Meetings Fun with Glass Marker Boards

In the workplace, calling a meeting can be met with either excitement or sighs of boredom depending on your work environment. One of the key ways to keep meetings exciting is to maintain an energetic work atmosphere in meetings. Don’t think that this only depends on employee attitudes—you may be surprised how the physical environment of a meeting room can affect worker satisfaction. It’s essential that you don’t fall into the trap of the typical boring meeting room. Check out these aspects of a meeting room that give opportunity to inject energy and style:

Brainstorming space

The brainstorming space is central to the meeting environment. It’s at the center of everyone’s attention, and functons to collect everyone’s ideas in a collaborative project. For some, this could something like a traditional whiteboard or computer projector, but these brainstorming methods fall under the categories of plain and boring. Thinking back to grade school math, can you remember how fun is was writing on whiteboards? The problem with traditional whiteboards, however, is that they quickly stain, crack, and look unprofessional, detracting from the style of an office space. Using a glass whiteboard instead can inject that same fun into a brainstorming space in a stylish and sophisticated way.

Having a beautiful glass whiteboard at the front of the meeting for brainstorming and presentation can transform the whole look of a meeting room and atmosphere of a meeting. It’s a great way to impress clients and have a space that the whole team can use to piece together ideas. You can even customize your glass marker board with magnetic glass so that you can tack documents to the board with magnets, combining the function of bulletin boards and whiteboards. This means you have space to tack easily movable documents in the same space that you can write on with dry erase markers, so you can use the board for creative flowcharts and other expression of ideas.


Using glass dry erase in the form of a table adds a pleasantly unexpected and modern touch to a meeting room. Glass furniture looks sophisticated and reflects a forward-thinking attitude that will make sitting down at a glass table every day a fun experience. Like glass whiteboards you can mount on a wall, glass furniture can be used with glass markers and come in a variety of colors and other customizations. There are a number of other creative ways that you can use glass with furniture as well, whether it’s to make unique shelving or to fill the blank wall space between existing shelving and a counter.

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