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Make the Switch to Glass Whiteboards and Other Glass Products

Glass products have proven to be an ideal alternative to many of the materials we use every day. Glass is a durable, resistant to bacteria and contains many less toxins than some of the man made products we use. Here are a couple ways to make the switch to glass:

Baking – Glass baking pans are your best choice for baking items with long heating times. Because glass is an insulator, once it heats up, it will stay at a stable temperature, even though it takes a bit longer to heat. Glass pans also cook more evenly than metals pans and are great for cakes and other foods with a long cook time. Metal pans can be very useful, however, and are best for foods that have short cook times or foods that require a crispy texture.

Baby Bottles – This one is extremely important for you and your family. Glass bottles are much safer than a normal plastic bottle. It’s been shown that plastic bottles can contain BPA, a chemical which can affect your child’s growth. While you could always opt for a BPA Free bottle, glass is also made without the use of petroleum, which makes it the most environmentally-friendly product you could choose.

Tupperware – Glass Tupperware and food containers are much better than plastic. Research has shown that toxic substances are transferred into our food when heated in a plastic food container. Not only is glass a safer choice for you and your family, but it actually enhances your food’s flavor. Your food will taste more fresh, clean and full once you make the switch. As with any plastic alternative, you’re also keeping the planet clean by keeping plastic out of the landfills, since glass will break down much more quickly and easily.

Whiteboards -Whiteboards have taken over in the past twenty years and have been a great alternative to chalk boards. Glass whiteboards, like many of the other products, are much more environmentally safe, more anti-bacterial and easier to clean. A glass dry erase board is durable and won’t scratch, streak or ghost like the common press board whiteboard. Many modern offices are turning to glass whiteboards to keep their office looking fresh and ahead of the curve.

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