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What Makes the Clarus™ Glassboard Depth Different Than Competitors?

Clarus Glassboards™ provide a great deal of extra security when it comes to mounting glassboards for your office space. John Merris, Executive VP of Sales, describes how Clarus goes the extra mile to ensure that every Clarus glassboard, including Depth, leaves the factory with their trademark strength and durability.

The first characteristic that makes Clarus different is the type of standoff, or mount, they use to adhere your glassboard to the wall. Traditional standoffs are made of aluminum which is a highly malleable metal, making it easy to bend under the weight of the glass. Clarus uses stainless steel in their standoffs which is a much stronger metal and ensures the board is safer on the wall.

The other feature that makes Clarus stand out is the number of standoffs they use. Traditional boards will use only one standoff per corner, no matter how large the board may be. This adds additional stress to the already weak mounts and can cause issues of buckling or bending in the glass in the center areas. Clarus drills its own holes for board placement, so they are able to place as many as six or eight standoffs around the perimeter of your board, giving it a much more stable and secure position in your workspace.

This video illustrates these two major differences in Clarus’ approach to glassboard technology and highlights how these two differences provide you with a stronger, more durable product for your office.