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Mobility in the modern workplace

If you compare the average worker in 2019 to 2023, the expectations, needs, and priorities are vastly different. Top organizations and designers have been and continue to adapt their workplace models, tools, designs, and resources to keep top talent engaged and satisfied.

Although working from home is not going anywhere, did you know that business leaders recognize that for most people, the best place to do work is in the office? Hybrid models are leading many industries, and when employees do commute to work, they want to ensure it is worth their time. Organizations aim to make the office a more holistic, intentional, connecting space that will enhance employee well-being and performance.

At Clarus, we want to amplify and support the balance of today’s changing workplace structure and design. So when employees head into the office, they have the tools and space to collaborate with colleagues and spearhead productivity.

Top three types of modern workers

  • Anchored Workers have a personal, assigned workspace and prioritize privacy and structure for productivity
  • Untethered Workers don’t have a dedicated workspace but value being in the office occasionally. They thrive in flexible environments that support different work modes and allow them to move between shared and private areas
  • Destination Workers are flexible in their work location, but prioritize diverse workspaces and seek out in-person collaboration

Most companies will have a mix of each type of worker, but it is imperative for business productivity and employee morale that each worker is able to find their specific spaces and tools to thrive.

Our versatile offering of mobile glassboards helps meet the needs of each type of modern worker. Employees can turn any space into a collaboration hotspot, or roll it away from office chatter and use the glassboard as a divider to create a separate focus nook. Employees are looking for mobility and customization when it comes to how they can best function when they are in the office, and giving them the option to move around, stay organized, and create their own spaces based on their needs is a tool that can adapt with each individual.

As companies rethink the role of the office and move forward in creating communal, multi-purpose spaces to bring people together, enhancing mobility and bringing in new tools to better accommodate workers is a great start.

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