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More tips on impressing clients with your office space

This month, we’ve been taking a look at a prospective or current client’s impressions as they walk through your office area. As much as you’d like it to be all about business, a client’s impression of your work area factors in to their feelings about working with you. They will take a look at things like how efficient the work environment is and how organized everything looks. Some other things that clients may take notice of as they pass through to the meeting space:

Reception area

This is your client’s first impression of your company as a whole, so it is important to make it a good one. Like we’ve said, make sure everything is clean and the style is welcoming. This is a good space to instill the vibe that you feel represents your company. Think about your demographic and the type of style that would appeal to them. If your company is playful and relaxed, perhaps think about installing a neon black glass or back painted glass dry erase board in the reception area on which you can personalize greetings for incoming clients with neon glass markers. Or, if your business is more formal, stick with neutral colors like the classic clear or customize your own color to fit in with your company colors and decoration.

Employee workspace

There are many reasons why your client may take note of employee workspace as they walk to the conference room. Before agreeing to go into business with you, the client may want to see how efficient of an atmosphere you have in order to judge whether to trust you with work. Your client also may also be wondering how your company treats your employees in order to get a feel for the company’s character.

Installing glass whiteboards in individual office spaces communicates that you value an efficient workspace and want to encourage creativity. If you have put an effort into making communal space stylish but the individual offices are plain, this might feel disconnected and as though you don’t value the quality of your employees’ space.

Production spaces

Many offices have a warehouse or larger space connected to the office where your company produces goods. For example, this could be the space housing the printing press or tool benches. Your client may have an interest in checking out these spaces, so it’s important not to forget about them.

A glass whiteboard has many uses in production space. Employees may need to communicate regarding shifts, procedures, and news. These types of spaces have employees moving in and out a lot on breaks, deliveries, and similar jobs, so a glass whiteboard can be a very useful tool in these spaces. It also adds to the aesthetics, as warehouses and production areas are not exactly known for their interior design. A client may be impressed with this functionality that can brighten the surroundings of employees there every day.

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