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Ways to Improve Your Space with Glass Marker Boards

Adding warmth to a space involves many different elements that you may not expect. Creating a warm environment can be a challenge for even the most seasoned interior decorators. With office space, this can be even more difficult, as you will need to create a more universal style that appeals to more people. For infusing your space with warmth, check out the following interior design tips with glass marker boards.
Warmth isn’t just about color—it’s also about creating an inviting mood. A fundamental part of this is a layout that flows well and uses space effectively. A cramped workspace or living room without clear paths of movement
A sleek way to play with your layout is with glass room dividers. If you have a room that is too large to have any flow or you just want to reshape your layout to something more effective, glass marker board room dividers are cheaper than building a new wall and look sophisticatedly modern, and come with a great writing utility with glass markers for creative brainstorming sessions.

Simple beauty

Nothing takes the warmth out a room faster than décor that is overwhelming and gaudy. When it comes to warm rooms, simplicity is the name of the game. When spaces are cluttered or the design is overdone, this decreases comfort levels. Glass whiteboards can be a great addition that is modest yet sleek.

Use light effectively

Light is one of the biggest game changers when it comes to making a room feel warm and inviting. It’s all about balance—you don’t want a room so bright all over that your occupants want to wear visors, but you also don’t want lighting too low to have an impact. There are several different strategies you can use to make a room feel warm with light. You can have an overall low lighting with strategically placed brighter lights to accent focal points of the room. Or, you could have standard day lighting at just the right level. You shouldn’t just use artificial lighting: windows are a great source of natural light that literally adds a feeling of warmth, and mirrors or glass can have a similar effect.

You can have a lot of fun playing with artificial light, windows, and glass. For a dazzling effect, you can install a glass piece like a glass marker board and use spotlights to highlight the glass as a focal point, accentuating the sleek glass and clean lines. Glass marker boards come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you have lots of options to use glass and light to create warmth.

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