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Top 5 Reasons K-12 Schools are Moving to Glassboards

Schools are constantly evolving to serve the educational needs of today’s students. As schools evolve, the tools and spaces teachers use are changing at a rapid pace. At Clarus™, we’ve seen an overwhelming demand for glassboards in K12 facilities. The reasons are varied, but all worth understanding. So, we put together a list of reasons K12 schools are converting to glassboard believers:

Stain proof. Clarus glassboards will never stain or ghost. Write, draw, and brainstorm all over our boards with chalk, paint, permanent, and dry erase markers – and all of them will come off. Whiteboards actually absorb ink, which is why they stain and will never be perfectly white. Glassboards are nonporous, so the ink simply sits on top of its surface, ensuring a clean erase job every time

Kid proof. Whether a giant textbook comes hurling toward your glassboard, or a hefty football player bumps into the board, Clarus glassboards will withstand the pressure – 6,500 pounds of pressure to be exact. Don’t believe us? Take a look – we tried it ourselves. Our glass is tempered and tested for ultimate strength, so you can ensure your students are completely safe while they learn with Clarus glass.

Durability. So, we’ve established that Clarus glassboards are accident proof. But what if a student intentionally tries to rip the glass off the wall? Well, we’ve actually tested durability, too. Rest assured, our glassboards will not bend, crack, or break from the day-to-day “trauma” of elementary and high schools.

Cleanliness. In a recent study, both a glassboard and a traditional whiteboard were covered in bacteria. Yep, that’s gross. But here’s the cool part – while the traditional whiteboard actually soaked up the bacteria and wouldn’t come completely clean, the glassboard actually became 100% clean in just one wipe. Just like absorbing ink, dry erase boards absorb germs and can infect students years down the road. Glassboards’ nonporous surface allow you to clean your board and protect your students with one quick wipe.

Longevity. Your Clarus glassboard will last the lifetime of your students. From high school graduation to their 25th reunion, your students will come to see the same, beautiful glassboards hanging on their Alma Mater’s walls. Why? Because Clarus glassboards have a ridiculous ROI – forget replacing your whiteboards every 3-4 years; install Clarus glass and never worry about spending hundreds of dollars to replace them.

From product longevity and cleanliness, to durability and strength, glassboards will provide your school with the perfect writing surface with the best ROI. Talk to a Clarus representative today about how your school can benefit from switching to glassboards.

To talk to a Clarus representative about how to bring Clarus glassboards in your school, contact us today.