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Not All Glassboards are Created Equal

Glass whiteboards are the newest and most popular boards on the market. They’re durable, modern, easy to clean and very chic. Like any product that outshines its competition there are going to be imposters. That’s right, not all glass whiteboards are created equal. There are plenty of DIYers trying to create glassboards of their own and other companies just piggy backing off the real ones. There are some extremely important reasons why you should compare boards before purchasing, since flimsy and poorly constructed boards can be not only a waste of money but a flat out danger as well. Here are some of the boards you may run into:

Homemade Glassboard – Glass whiteboards seem like they could be easy to imitate-it’s a large piece of glass that is mounted to a wall. Seems easy, right? Wrong. Glass whiteboards are made from a tempered glass that is ten times more durable than regular glass. This glass is not just stronger, but in the event of a break, the board would break into pebbles instead of large, sharp shards. Homemade glassboards are also almost impossible to mount to a wall, since drilling a hole in glass requires a special wet saw drill. Without being able to drill a hole in your board, you’re left building a frame around the board that can keep it in place. Creating a custom frame will not only cost time and money, it could also still be a dangerous idea, since the board can slide around and will virtually become a piece of the wall.

Tempered Glass Whiteboard – Glass whiteboards that have been crafted by a professional glass whiteboard company are your best bet for owning a glass whiteboard. These boards have been tempered and precisely cut to fit any space with custom mounting. The wall mounts are incredibly secure and can easily hold the weight of the board while standing off from the wall, giving your board and professional and modern look.

Custom Boards – Buying a tempered laminated glass whiteboard is definitely the first step to making your office look professional and complete, but did you know that you can customize that board by adding a magnetic backing, choosing a custom color for the backpainting, or by choosing the exact dimensions that would fit your space best? That’s right, custom glassboards are the best boards on the line, and they fit perfectly into any office, classroom or home.

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