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Office Decorating Do’s and Don’ts

One of the most difficult types of spaces to decorate is the office space. In an office, you don’t want the décor to be too distracting, or too extreme in terms of style. You’ll want a subtle design that appeals to a wide range of tastes, but still has character and comfort.

With such a wide range of preferences, you’ll need a décor that pleases both the employees that work there every day along with visitors such as clients. This is why glass whiteboards make a great addition to any office or home space—these tastefully modern glass marker boards, with clean lines and sleek surfaces, collaborate well with any existing design, from traditional to modern.

To make your office decorating easier, here are some office decorating do’s and don’ts that can help make your office an inviting and aesthetically pleasing place to work.

· Don’t let your office fill up with clutter

Nothing slows an office down faster than clutter. If you have pieces in your office space that are too bulky, or simply just too many piles of paperwork, your office efficiency may suffer. Clutter is not only a physical problem, but a mental one as well, as clutter can be distracting or give employees a “closed-in” feeling. Office spaces that feel more “free” will have lots of open space, light, and minimal clutter.
One way you can achieve this free space is through a glass whiteboard. Whiteboards are great for office communication, as you can write on it just like a traditional whiteboard, leaving notes or tacking documents with magnetic glass. These boards can be mounted to the wall, taking up minimal space, and eliminate the need for paper that can accumulate into clutter. Pieces with such sleek surfaces that reflect light not only don’t take up much space, but give the same feeling of more space that mirrors or windows can add.

· Don’t think an office has to be plain

One of the number one faux pas of decorating an office is thinking that a business space must be plain. Unless you work at a hospital, there’s no reason why your space should feel plain and sterile. With the backpanited glass options of glass whiteboards, you can play with fun colors and finishes as decorative accents without worrying about a bright piece feeling too overbearing. You can also use different colored markers on plain or colored glass backgrounds.

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