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Office efficiency weak spots

Just because an office has a clean, busy communal space does not mean that the office is efficient overall. Many offices focus on the efficiency of these main larger areas, such as a cubicle area or reception area, and overlook other areas that are necessary when it comes to office functionality. If you’re looking to increase your office’s productivity, don’t forget about these common office efficiency weak spots:

File room

The file room is perhaps the most critical to productivity and efficiency. This space needs to be organized, with a lot of space for storage. A key to organization is to have a universal process when it comes to organizing. Maintaining an organization system can be more of a challenge than you think—with so many employees going in and out, you may start to think that you need a file room attendant just to keep things sorted. One solution is to install a communication tool in the file room, such as a clear dry erase board. This way, you can have an easy, space saving place to note the steps to organizing information or to make announcements regarding shifts in process. You can also have a place for employees to voice concerns or suggestions about the file system.

Meeting room

The meeting room is a weak spot due to the fact that many offices either focus on making it a great place for brainstorming or creating a sleek room in which to impress clients. Installing tools that satisfy both needs, like a clear dry erase board that looks sophisticated and is a great interactive brainstorming tool, can boost meeting room efficiency.

Individual work space

Even in their own individual space, employees need to be organized while maintaining a space that is conducive to creative thinking and productivity. Offices often leave it to the employees to make this space productive, but you should keep in mind that there are some bigger steps that require more investment than what is the employee’s responsibility when it comes to making this space efficient. Installing glass whiteboards in your employees’ individual spaces can not only give them personal space to brainstorm or make notes, but lets them know that you value quality individual workspaces, especially when they see their personal whiteboard is made with strong laminated glass.

Break room

This might not make too much sense of first, but the truth is that the break room or lunch room has a demand for efficiency. This is because the social aspect of the work place, even on breaks, requires communication. This is often when employees organize office parties, birthdays, lottery pools, carpools, and other topics. Glass dry erase boards are perfect for this purpose, creating a space that employees can interact while on breaks without taking too much of their relaxing space. These boards look beautiful, meaning its aesthetics and social function can add greatly to job satisfaction.

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