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Part I: Back Painted Glassboards

Glass is quickly becoming one of the most utilized materials in both offices and homes. Tempered glass offers a durable and sleek surface for walls, tables and boards, without the worry of chipping, cracking or fading. Another great feature of the glass is the modern and polished look it can give to your home or office. The modern look of glass combined with the bright and vibrant back painting can spruce up any space. Here are just a few of our suggestions:

Accent Wall – Nothing says design like a bold and bright accent wall. Whether it’s in a game room or a waiting room, a fun and festive accent wall can help brighten anyone’s mood. We suggest going with a color that matches your business’s logo. For the home, you may want to go with a simple or neutral color, to keep your décor as classic as possible.

Tables – Tables and desks are a great way to switch to back painted glass. Most people have used a glasstop table or desk at one point or another, and know that they are durable, easy to clean and never peel or chip like some pressboards do. One of the major complaints about glass top tables is that they can dirty too easily, however, back painted glass can help to mask the fingerprints and small

Inserts – Entertainment centers and shelving units often have spaces for glass inserts, which can be removed or replaced. The best part about inserts is that you can get a good feel for how back painted glass looks without making too drastic of a change to your home or office.

Welcome Signs – A welcome sign may be one of the most effective ways to give off a great first impression. Welcome signs can greet your clients and customers at the receptionist or in your waiting room and can even display your company’s logo or mission statement. You can even opt for a magnetic glass sign, so you can change your welcome messages weekly or even daily. A back painted entry sign can help show your clients that your company is modern, professional, and likes keeping up with the current trends. While a welcome sign may not seem like such a significant facet to your office, it could mean the difference between making a solid first impression and losing your client to your competition.

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