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Part I : Glass Dry Erase Board Questions

Glass dry erase boards are one of the best boards on the market; they’re durable and long-lasting and they never stain or streak like traditional whiteboards. Since they’re virtually indestructible, these boards can last a lifetime. Since they’re still a fairly new product, we still get all kinds of questions about the product, so we thought we’d answer as many as we can for you:

What other glass products can you write on? – Writing on glass can become addictive! We love writing on all kinds of glass, for fun, or for helpful reminders. We’ve written on dinner glassware to remind guests which wine or water glass was theirs, we’ve written on mirrors as morning reminders to get to the gym or to remember to bring our presentation to work. You can even write on picture frames, maybe when you give them as a gift, or if you want to add a funny mustache or drawings to a picture. Really, the sky is the limit with glass!

Is a glassboard just regular glass? – While you can write on just about any glass surface you’d like, the actual glass whiteboards made for mounting are made from a tempered glass. This tempered glass is up to ten times stronger than regular glass, and, if you can somehow break it, it crumbles into pebble-like pieces, instead of large, sharp shards of glass. Tempered glass is the best choice for hanging whiteboards and most boards are hung with standoffs, so they aren’t flush to the wall. This gives a 3-dimensional look to the clear dry erase board.

Can I make my own? – Of course. Do we recommend it? No. glass whiteboards are made from a tempered glass, which is heavy, strong and durable. If you thought regular glass would be difficult to cut to size, imagine using a tempered version. Other problems you might run into are mounting the board; if you go with the regular, untempered glass against our recommendation, you’ll want it flush to the wall, since the board will not be durable enough to stand the pressure. Just make sure you secure it to the wall and test that it won’t come down for any reason. Tempered glass will be heavier, and if you can cut small holes into the board, that will be the best way to secure it to the wall, whether you use standoffs or just screw it into the wall.

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