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Part I: Have Fun with your Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are some of the greatest products on the line; you get the great look of a whiteboard without the staining and streaking of a traditional whiteboard. Not only do they give a fresher, cleaner look, but you can opt for a back-painted board in a variety of colors or even go with an opaque board for a sleek and modern look. Whichever board you choose, you may come to a point where you want to dress up your board, maybe for a birthday or holiday, or just to add some interest to a presentation or lesson. If you’re looking to add some visual appeal to your glass whiteboard, here are a couple great ideas:

Borders – Every teacher loves fun and frilly borders for their whiteboards; they help keep attention on the board and they can liven up a dull space. The best thing about borders is that on a glass whiteboard, you can use them on the underside of the glass, giving a seamless and whimsical look. You can go with wavy blue borders for marine biology lessons or sparkly stars when you’re teaching astronomy. The beauty of decorating your whiteboard from behind is that you can section off your board; maybe add a boarder or color block for birthdays, or a section for praising students who did well on their assignments. Whatever you choose, you can change up your borders easily by using a simple strip of tape on your glassboard instead of stapling, like many teachers do with a traditional whiteboard.

Windows – Windows can create mystery and intrigued for your classroom, especially if you’re teaching history or geography. Is your classroom overlooking a dull, boring or distracting view? Then you can use your windows (and your glassboard) to create a fun atmosphere for your students. How exciting would it be to be learning about the Revolutionary War and look out the window to see a redcoat on a horse or a young drummer boy on a march? Treat your glass whiteboard just like your other windows and use it to tell a story. Since glass whiteboards are transparent, you can print a large image on paper or a more durable plastic material. You can cut holes around the standoffs and either remove the board to add the background, or cut slits from the holes, helping you to easily remove and add them whenever you need.

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