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Part I: Modern Glass Designs for the Office

The modern office is constantly evolving and while staying up to date can be expensive, many companies find that their investment pays off in keeping a cutting-edge image to attract and maintain customers. If your office needs a bit of sprucing up, or a full overhaul, here are a couple great glass products that can keep your office looking clean and sleek:

Glass Office Spaces – If you’re looking for a big change and you often find your work floor is dark, closed off and unwelcoming you may be ready for a drastic move. Glass office spaces are a great idea, and a way to bring your office together. One of the best ways to bring your office together is to remove the walls and open up the space. While it would be a cheap alternative to just keep a large floor completely open and unobstructed the reality is that your employees will need some form of privacy. Glass office faces may be just the way to open up your office. It shows your employees that you’re all working together and that there is no need for closed off spaces or secretive meetings.

Interior Windows – If removing the entire face of your employee’s offices sounds a bit extreme and expensive, you may benefit from the addition of interior windows. Many offices only have exterior windows, which are great to let the natural sunlight in. If your company lines its offices around the exterior walls of a floor, that light is blocked off, leaving your lower-level employees with the harsh, artificial lights. Adding at least one window to each office allows the outside light to spill through for everyone’s enjoyment. Another great idea is to place interior windows in the walls that separate the offices, and allow your employees to dress them as they wish.

Glass Entry Signs – A glass entry sign can be a great introduction for your new and existing clients to see. Glass whiteboards can double as entry signs, and can be opaque, etched, or even back-painted to match your company logo and colors. Glass entry signs are not only modern and sleek, but they are very welcoming to new guests, showing them the kind of office they are walking into.

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