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Part I: Most Effective Study Tools for College Students

College is an exciting time in any young adult’s life; most are on their own for the first time in their lives, and while they’ve been studying for years in grade school, college can be a whole new world. Often times, college and university classes are so large, professors won’t even bother taking attendance or asking where your assignments are. While it may be a nice change for some kids, less supervision in the classroom can lead to slipping grades. So how can you prepare your kid for their first few years of college?

It’s important to stay involved in their education. Parents tend to worry about their children adjusting to their new living situation, whether or not they are making friends, and if they have enough money to get by. While these are all valid concerns, parents can quickly forget that their child is at school for their education first and foremost. Many kids can get off track in the first couple semesters, since they are completely unsupervised for the first time in their lives. While it’s a common mistake that can be easily corrected, some colleges are less tolerant of slacking scores and your child can find themselves on academic probation very quickly. Setting your college student up with the right tools can help them stay on track:

Laptop – One of the best tools you can get your college student is a laptop, since they can take it with them to class and take notes, give presentations and bring it to study groups. While a laptop can be extremely useful, it’s important that your student have a personal computer of their own, even if it’s not portable. Libraries do offer computers and sometimes extended computer times, but come exam time your student may find it extremely difficult to find an open computer and their studying may suffer.

Flash Cards – Flash cards may seem like an antiquated study tool, but for many majors, it can be one of the most effective forms of studying. Pre-med students find flash cards extremely helpful, since they are often tested on hundreds or even thousands of vocabulary words for anatomy, biology, chemistry and pharmacy classes. Flash cards are a great study tool, since they can take them from class to class, study during their lunch break and even take them to a friend’s place to study.

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