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Part I: Office Organization Tools

Organization is one of the most important professional skills you can have in a large office; and many businesses are finding that their success is directly tied to the organization of their office. Here are some ways to transform your office from average to efficient in a matter of days:

Online Calendar – One of the best tools to keep your entire office organized and on top of their daily responsibilities. Many offices encourage the use of a collaborative calendar, like Outlook or Gmail, but making it mandatory can take your organization efforts to a whole new level. Ask employees to send you their next week’s calendar on Friday before leaving the office, so they know exactly what is expected of them when they walk in on Monday morning. You may experience some resistance at first, but most people enjoy knowing what is expected of them in the workplace, and you may find more employees really enjoying the structure that it provides.

Garbage Can – One of the most important tools you will use when it comes to organizing is a trash can. Organizing an office means first and foremost de-cluttering and keeping only things of value. If you fail to de-clutter your office from the beginning, you will find yourself swimming in piles of papers, extraneous files, and a mess of sticky notes before you know it. Organizing your office should be a permanent change, and requires work from every employee to keep it that way. This is why de-cluttering is so important; since you are setting a precedent for your new and improved office.

Magnetic Glassboard – Let’s just admit it; clutter looks better vertical. Think about it; if you have a project that feels better laid out across the table, available for everyone’s attention and opinions, it needs to remain scattered and easy to view for your employees. While it would be great to have an idea office or the tablespace to devote to your organized chaos, magnetic glass dry erase boards are a great way of keeping your projects spread out, yet organized. Even better, is that you can always collect the papers and stash them in a drawer, opening the space back up for brainstorming, note-taking and office communication. Then, as soon as you need your board again, pull out the magnets and start re-posting them.

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