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Part I: Whiteboards of the Future

Glass whiteboards are easily one of the greatest new products on the market; they offer a clean, modern workspace without ever staining and streaking the way a traditional board does. Not only are glass whiteboards one of the cleanest and best products for hospitals, classrooms and offices, they are also the most durable, and if you take care of your board you could easily keep it for your entire life. As if glass whiteboards weren’t cutting-edge enough as it is, there are now interesting, innovative ideas that incorporate these great whiteboards into full brainstorming devices, teaching platforms, and even stress-relievers at work. Here are just a few of the great new products that are either out now, or will be created in the next few years:

Modular Home Organizer – This is something we’ve been saying all along—the whiteboard is great for the modern family home. Since many organized moms want to keep their homes looking fresh and fun, the smaller, customizable opaque glassboards come in handy for them. Not only does a home organizer look great, but you can keep all of your important daily items, like schedules, grocery lists, and school and work activities in line. You can pair the glassboards with shelving, or small storage containers for the wall to help keep your keys, take-out menus and office supplies all tidy.

Therapeutic Whiteboard – This idea may be a bit “out there,” but one company is in the works of making a therapeutic whiteboard that actually simulates a rock-climbing wall. The massive board is about eight feet tall and has a whiteboard on the front of the board, then quickly turns into a rotating rock-climbing wall. While this board may not be very conventional, it can be great for sports-related offices and creative ones as well, since mixing up your routine can easily bring you great brainstorming ideas.

Intelligent Board – The intelligent board is very similar to interactive glass whiteboards, but at a steep price tag of $10,000, this product may never see the light of day. The concept for this radical board is simple; the board comes with a “TouchWall” that works almost like a giant smartphone. This giant touch board allows you to surf through folders and the internet with the touch of your finger, and is largely displayed for all to see. This product was introduced at a Microsoft Summit, but there is no word on an actual release of the product.

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