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Part I: Who Benefits from Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are a great tool for various creative offices, organized hospitals and teaching and training institutions for a number of reasons; they’re durable, easy to clean and virtually impossible to stain or ruin. These boards can have a lifespan that outlives your current business ventures, or even you!

These boards are so versatile that almost any profession can benefit from them; they are not only more useful and easy to clean boards, but they offer an opaque look, giving the board even more uses that a traditional whiteboard even has. So what kinds of people really get the most out of a glass whiteboard? Here are just a few:

Architects, Interior Design Firms and Fashion Designers – Our glass boards are not only sleek and modern looking, but we have a mobile glassboards that’s great for architects and interior designers. This free-standing glassboard is amazing because it acts as a clear film over a rendering would; you can add and take away from the current design without ruining the integrity of the original. These mobile boards are also great for fashion designers, as you can literally stand behind the board to see how different styles would look on a model before even cutting a single piece of cloth.

Digital Artists and Graphic Designers – Digital artists and graphic designers are incredibly visual people; they work all day on a computer screen and can easily bounce between 2D and 3D images. These artists understand depth, color tones, hues and shades and all kinds of vectors, perspectives and 3-dimensional shapes that exist. These artists don’t just doodle on a napkin when they’re feeling inspired, they need something to display their true talent, and a glassboard helps do that perfectly. glass whiteboards are great for these digitally-advanced designers, since creating a similar image on Photoshop or Illustrator could take hours, days, or even weeks. A glassboard helps give designers a blank slate, so blank that the plane doesn’t even necessarily need to exist in a 2 dimensional world. The glass helps designers think outside the box (and the surface) of design and allows them to let them run away with their creativity.

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