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Part II: Back Painted Glassboards

Back painted glass is quickly becoming the newest trend for both homes and offices. The glass is back painted with a four step proprietary process, which gives it a professional and polished look. Whether you’re willing to go big with a large accent wall, or start small with glass inserts, you can choose how much color you want to add. Here are a couple options:

Backsplash – Kitchen backspashes are becoming more and more popular, since they can liven up a kitchen while protecting your walls from spilt or boiled over messes. Opting for a colored backsplash can create a bold and modern look for your kitchen. Glass backsplashes pair well with a more minimalist style of kitchen, since the attention will surely be on the backsplash.

Counter Tops – If you’re looking for a material for your countertops and want something durable, sleek and colorful, a back painted counter top may be right up your alley. The countertops can be a more neutral color or a bold solid that gives your kitchen that extra pop. Glass is a great choice, since it’s eco-friendly, extremely durable and cleans very easily. If back painted glass is too bold, many people will opt for a thick, opaque glass, which visually opens up your kitchen and has a clean, cool look.

Glassboards – Glassboards are one of the best products to have back painted. A glass whiteboard, for those who don’t know, is the newest and best product to replace the traditional whiteboard, which is great, since they are more durable, eco-friendly and never streak or stain. Another one of the perks to having a glassboard is that you can leave it opaque, or have it back painted black, white, or a custom color to match your office. Colorful boards may help spark creative inspiration, which can be invaluable in certain industries.

Art – Back painted glass can be used as an accent wall, or more the more creative decorators, can be used as a canvas for artwork. The process of creating a back painted art piece is simple, since you are essentially starting with the top layer first, you need to paint backwards. That means if you’re painting a landscape, you would begin with shadowing, then add in the foreground, then the middle ground and maybe some clouds, then finally you would end with the background and sky. Back painted artwork takes lots of practice, but can produce beautiful results. A back painted piece can add style and personality to any space.

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