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Part II: Interior design tips for glass dry erase boards

We’ve been taking a look at some expert office interior decorating tips. Decorating an office space isn’t just about what looks nice. You’ve got to make an efficient and pleasant environment for your employees, and also a stylish one to impress visitors. A few more tips to get your office looking great:

Give your office character

An office’s decoration should be considered part of the company’s branding. You don’t want to have an office that is indistinguishable from the many other offices that your client has visited. This will not stick out in their mind. Through decoration, you should give your office a little character that represents your company’s personality. However, at the same time, this shouldn’t be so outlandish that it might not appeal to a wide range of people. You will want décor that reflects who you are as company without being overwhelming and unprofessional—the same way you would meticulously design your business card to advertise your company and yourself, you should decorate your office. Giving your office a sense of identity can improve employee satisfaction and impress clients.

Have a visible and decorative logo

Part of this identity we’re speaking of can also be helped by the display of a professional and stylish company logo. There are a number of ways you should do this, but don’t just put up a sign—one fun idea is to order sleek decorative glass printed with your company logo. Clarus Glassboards make beautiful glass dry erase boards you can write on with a dry erase marker, but this can also be done in the form of signage. With many different finishes, colors, and other design options to choose from, you can customize your own signage to display in your reception area, workspace, meeting room, break room, or other areas of the office.

Pick items that join function with style

The biggest challenge when decorating offices is picking items that are both stylish and functional. This is necessary because you have limited space, and you want to keep this space down on clutter to maintain a spacious feeling. Unless it takes up very little space, like a painting, you’ll want to limit your items that are decorative but have no other purpose. One of the biggest culprits in the office when it comes to clutter is paper. Instead, try to pick a piece that cuts down on use of paper, such as a glass whiteboard. Instead of handing out memos, just write down an announcement on the board in a place that everyone will see, and these boards will look great as long as it’s hanging up on your wall.

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