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Part II: Glass Whiteboard Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can’t I make my own glassboard?

A:Of course you can, almost any glass surface is a glassboard of its own; bathroom mirrors, glass patio tables and even picture frames can become glassboards. Now, can you make your own professional, sleek version of a glass whiteboard? That is quite a bit more difficult. Our glassboards are made with a tempered glass, that’s up to ten times stronger than regular glass. We can customize the size, color and even add your company’s logo to the board. Not only are our boards durable and perfectly customized, but they come easy to install and look great. If you are considering making your own glassboard, we highly recommend hiring a professional to drill the holes into your glass, since it’s a complicated process and can be very dangerous for an untrained individual. Go for a tempered glass, since regular glass is not only weaker, but breaks into sharp and dangerous shards, whereas tempered glass breaks into small pebble-like shards. Lastly, make sure your glass professional can smooth the edges of the glass to avoid any injuries. While making your own glassboard sounds like a good idea to begin with, you may end up spending just as much time and money on producing it as you would on buying a professional one, and it may not look as great.

Q: What if you don’t have the size I need?

A: At Clarus, there’s no need to find the perfect sized board, because we can make one for you! We can customize boards to fit not only the perfect color of the room, but to also fit your wall exactly to your specifications.

Q: How are Glassboards Environmentally Friendly?

A: Our glassboards are environmentally friendly in four different ways:

  • Glass whiteboards are an alternative to traditional whiteboards, which are made from synthetic materials and have toxins that are harmful to the environment.
  • The stain-free surface of the glassboard ensures you’ll have the board for much longer than a traditional whiteboard, which reduces waste.
  • Our company is specifically committed to sustainable manufacturing processes, including recycling raw by-products and inputs, pollution prevention and waste minimization.
  • Lastly, your board is made from a reusable material; glass, and while tempered glasses may not always be melted down and used in a new board, they can be reused in a variety of ways. Basically, you can sleep easy knowing your board will never end up in a landfill.
  • About Clarus Glassboards: Clarus is the leading manufacturer and innovator of glass whiteboards and glass visual display products. For more information about clear dry erase boards and our other glass architectural systems, please call 888-813-7414 or visit