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Part II: Have Fun with your Glass Whiteboards

Terrariums – Kids love terrariums, and learning about new animals and their habitats. You can get great use out of your glass whiteboard by creating a terrarium, or a habitat behind the board. Since the boards use stainless steel standoffs to add a 3D effect, you will have a few inches of space to work with. You can place a small plexiglass shelf behind the board to have a base for your habitat and allow students to add drawings of environments and handmade animals and plants. If you rather not do a group project, make it a take-home assignment. Give each student a piece of plexiglass that is the length of the board. Tell them they can either use it as a base for their habitat or as a top. If they want to dangle items from it, like a solar system, they can use it however they like. Make an example for them to see, and send home an informational sheet for their parents to understand. If you have a projector, you can shine it on their habitat while they’re presenting. These are just a few ideas, but you are not only teaching your students creativity, but they feel like the teacher for a few minutes, since you give them the stage and the spotlight.

Light and Art – Glass Whiteboards are great for art classes, since you can teach the concepts of mixing colors, how light plays into art and how to create reverse images. You can use dry erase markers to draw circles or squares of colors; say yellow, blue and green. You can take a long piece of red paper and slide it behind these three translucent color blocks and see as the yellow changes to orange, the blue changes to purple and the green changes to a light brown. You can also illustrate how important light is to art, and the importance of shading and shadows. Reverse art is another great concept, and you can teach students how to trace and draw by using the transparent glass. If you’re more interested in the science of light and glass, you can even use the magnetic glass whiteboard to help show the way a sun dial works, and how light reflects from different surfaces. Another fun idea that might require an extra purchase is to buy a flat light for underneath the board, which can be a great idea for teaching about X-rays of the human body.

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