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Part II: Make Meetings Fun with Glass Marker Boards

In a satisfying, efficient work environment, meetings can be fun and effective rather than boring and drawn out. While this also depends on how your employees work together, the meeting environment can actually be huge factor when it comes to the nature of meetings. In a drab meeting room with plain walls, this can make your employees and the matters at hand actually feel drab and plain.

We’ve been taking a look at how the physical environment of a meeting room can inject a meeting with energy and motivation. Glass whiteboards can be used as the central focus of a room as brainstorming and note taking space, adding style and sophistication to the room as well. They can also be used with a beautiful glass table that also functions as note taking space in a unique way. Take a look at other ways that glass dry erase can transform a meeting room that impresses employees and clients alike:

Wall decoration

The décor, whether it’s inside the meeting room or throughout an entire office, can add fun to a work environment and make employees feel proud about their workspace. The same way a person’s appearance can reflect their personality and abilities, an office should reflect the company’s identity. You can consider using decorative glass as signage or other forms of glass dry erase as decoration. This beautiful glass can be printed with your company’s logo or other designs with vivid colors that can coordinate with an existing wall design or transform a blank wall. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to layer transparent colors on solid wall patterns or whatever design opportunities your office presents.

Take it outside

If you live in a climate with enough days of sun, having a meeting space outside to take advantage of nice weather can be a nice change of pace in a confined work environment. You can give your employees some space to stretch their legs, fresh air, and a little vitamin D with a meeting out on a special patio or balcony. However, the problems with outdoor meeting spaces include the fact that it is difficult to install a writing board that actually coordinates with outdoor décor or install a projector that won’t be damaged by outdoor elements. Glass whiteboards offer a great compromise—with many size and color options, Clarus can create the perfect glass dry erase board with the style and durability to fit an outdoor setting.

Create unique note space

It’s important to have a central brainstorming space for a meeting, but you can look for other creative ways to express creativity. You can install floor-to-ceiling glass whiteboards or glass wall dividers to give the feeling of writing on walls, allowing brainstormers to stand up and walk around while they take notes or tack documents with magnetic glass. Another idea is to order glass whiteboards in tablet form to take your board on the go and give employees individual space for their notes.

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