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Part II: Modern Glass Designs for the Office

Glass Desks – Adding glass desks to your office can add a pop of modern, even if the least updated of offices. Glass desks help give off a clean and exposed look to your clients, showing them that there are no bookshelves or hiding places. Not only do glass desks show off your office’s cleanliness, but they can make your whole floor look bigger, since glass carries much less visual weight. Your office will look more streamlined and organized just by the one small change. If brand new desks aren’t in your office’s budget, you may want to add a small insert as a desk topper, which provides a space to write notes or keep a dry-erase schedule for your employees without the bulky desk calendar or hundreds of post-its all over their desk.

Glass Office Dividers – Who says cubicles need to be confining? Employers tend to be under the misconception that cubicles keep their employees on-task, since they cannot distract one another and can focus better on their own work. In reality, cubicles tend to block out management from observing their employees and can allow them to become even more distracted. A simple solution is to replace certain walls with glass or plexiglass inserts. These opaque walls allow your employees to feel connected to their peers, while it showcases their diligent work ethic.

Lucite Accessories – Maybe they’re not quite glass, but Lucite is an awesome, opaque material that looks very similar to glass. It tends to be more durable and definitely keeps the modern, clean look to your office. You may look into Lucite desks or chairs for a design office, or even pencil holders, file organizers and flyer holders.

Glass Whiteboards – One of the coolest products out there, and the easiest way to upgrade your office is to replace your old and stained whiteboards with a tempered glassboard for presenting and brainstorming. A glass marker board works just like traditional boards; you can write and erase easily with dry erase markers, and you never even have to worry about your board staining like a plaster board whiteboard does. These glassboards are so durable, in fact, that many times they outlive the life of the wall they’re attached to. Best part is that once the board is clean, it carries no visual weight, like a bright and blinding whiteboard, so it blends back into your modern office.

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