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Part II: Most Effective Study Tools for College Students

Preparing your child for college can be an exciting and overwhelming time. While some parents worry about their children living on their own for the first time, and adjusting to their new homes, many parents will overlook their children’s grades for the first few semesters. One of the best ways to keep your student on track is to supply them with the best study tools possible and to stay involved in their daily or weekly academic schedule. Here are a few more great study tools:

Highlighters – Books for school have become outrageously expensive. Some classes can tack on another $200 or even $300 in books and study materials in addition to the cost of tuition. While you may want your child to keep their books in pristine condition for the buyback value, it’s not realistic to expect them to do so. Highlighting is one of the best ways your student can stay focused on written material, and the more colors they use, the better they can categorize the information in their head. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to only find about a 10-20% return on a book that’s re-purchased, and it’s not worth the money to keep a book spotless. Even worse is that sometimes a professor will switch editions for future semesters and your book will have close to no buyback value whether it’s highlighted, ripped and torn or in manufacturer’s condition.

Recorder – A recorder can be a great tool for many new college students, since professors can be much less accommodating on repeating information or re-writing formulas and equations. A recorder is discreet and can be used in conjunction with note-taking, or can be an extremely valuable tool for auditory learners, since they much rather hear the information on repeat than read the notes they were able to take down.

Whiteboard – Personal whiteboards are a great studying tool for college kids, since they are used to taking notes and having a visual representation in most classes. Whiteboards are great for dorm rooms, since your student can use them for studying, leaving messages to their roommates or even keeping track of their class schedules. Not only are magnetic glass boards great for personal use, your student can host study groups or brainstorming sessions in their communal space if their whiteboard is large enough. Whiteboards make sense not only because your student is used to learning from them, but because the information can be left up the week before an exam to help keep information fresh in their minds.

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