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Part II: Office Decorating Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve been looking at some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when decorating or updating an office environment. Office decorating can be tricky, as the style must match a wide variety of tastes without feeling too drab. Offices should be clean and simple, but still show off the business’s character.

This is why glass whiteboards can be the perfect addition to any office, or home for that matter. If you are decorating a new space or have an existing design that you’d like to spice up, glass whiteboards look great with any interior design style. With plenty of size and back painted glass color options, you can design the perfect glass whiteboard for the needs of your space.

Check out these office decorating do’s and don’ts along with some of the ways glass whiteboards can help:

  • Don’t let outdated or damaged property go unnoticed

After you get used to your office environment, it’s easy to let items that are in poor condition or outdated go unnoticed. These are items like bulky fax machines, dirty windows, or stained décor that you may not realize need an update until something’s done. You don’t have to make your office space look futuristic, but even traditional decoration needs an update every once and a while. Make sure visible equipment is kept clean, even if it’s not necessary for the equipment to function.

A major problem with traditional whiteboards is ghosting, staining, and cracking. The material of these types of whiteboards cracks easily and allows ink to seep into the board, causing stains that just won’t wipe away. Glass whiteboards are made from strong and long lasting tempered and laminated glass, so you don’t have to worry about a dirty whiteboard taking away from the look of your office.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of lighting

Lighting is essential to designing a warm and inviting office. Whether you have the type of office that thrives on lots of light or lowlighting, light can be used to your advantage to make a room look spacious and open. This can have the same effect as cutting down on clutter—a roomy office can lead to a more efficient office, increasing the comfort of employees. Other ways to create space is through large windows, mirrors, or glass whiteboards, which have a sleek, clean look.

  • Don’t let your office blend in

Just because you work in an office doesn’t mean you have to look like every other office. When decorating your office, you should think about the qualities of your business, and try to give the space elements that reflect this character. With glass whiteboards, you can create a striking design using whiteboards as accent pieces with bright colors, table tops, room dividers, meeting room collaborative space, or whatever your office may need.

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