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Part II: Tips for office decorating

We’ve been counting down some great office decorating tips. Office space can be one of the most difficult spaces to decorate due to its need for a style with character yet simplicity so that it still appeals to a wide range of people while making an impression. Keep in mind these pieces of advice when decorating your office space:

3. Don’t let collaborative work space be too plain

Every office worker could probably predict what the meeting space in the office next to them looks like: a table or rows of chairs in front of a projector screen or whiteboard, plain and likely pretty boring. However, meeting spaces should not be overlooked when decorated the office. Not only is it where a lot of important collaborative work gets done, but it is typically the space where presentations for clients or other outside parties take place. You will want to make a good impression, just like with your reception area. For meetings within the office, you’ll want a space that has a lot of energy and encourages brainstorming and other creative thinking. As we mentioned in our #1 tip, keep this area clean and simplistic. Physical clutter can end up cluttering thinking as well. While maintaining this simplicity, decorate with functional pieces that add an innovative and energetic feel to the room, keeping a professional look in mind.

One way this can be done is through a glass dry erase board. Instead of the dirty-looking standard whiteboard, give the room a communication tool that wipes nice and clean, maintaining a stylish look with little effort. Odds are, most of your clients haven’t seen anything like this in their other meetings. Consider installing a floor-to-ceiling glass dry erase board or glass dry erase table—imagine your client’s surprise when they sit down and you begin to write on what they thought was a glass wall or a modern looking table. This look is forward-thinking without feeling too overwhelming, appealing to those on either side of the classic or futuristic style spectrum. Customize your glass whiteboard in a color or finish that adds more energy and fun to the room, encouraging creative thinking in your collaborative space.

4. Play up individual office space

A great way to give an office character is to customize décor within employees’ individual workspace. Let your workers show off their style with lots of color and style. This space doesn’t require as universal of décor and can be tailored to more personal preferences, but should still look professional. For individual offices, employees can customize a glass whiteboards with color, or order a board in neon black and write with bright colored neon markers. If they have custom office furniture, you can order a glass whiteboard to fit into any unique space, such as the area between a desk and a shelf.

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