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Part II: Transform unique spaces with a glass dry erase board

Unique spaces have unique needs. It can often be difficult to decorate these spaces or install equipment such as whiteboards for communication and other needs. However, Clarus glass whiteboards come in a variety of options to fit even the most difficult spaces to outfit. Some of the creative options of glass whiteboards include:

Table Dividers

You can use a glass dry erase board to divide a table or other surface, sort of like a ping pong table net—except you can write on it and use it to magnetically tack documents. This can create a unique work area for both offices and classrooms. If you have more of an open area workspace, meaning a large space with desks not divided by cubicles, table dividers can make a larger table into two smaller desks without losing the open area concept. This divider can be used to jot down notes or for writing messages when the employee or student is out.

Mobile Xpress

A truly unique space may require creative methods of using a glass whiteboard. For the space that may not be designed to be able to mount a glass whiteboard but has a need for one, the Mobile Xpress is a perfect solution. The Clarus Mobile Xpress sits on high quality castors in a sophisticated aluminum frame that allows flexible functionality. It’s great for the office with a wide range of needs for a glass whiteboard—move this glass whiteboard from room to room or from person to person. Use it to brainstorm for a project and then bring it with you to a meeting or to see another team member. Or, the Mobile Xpress is perfect for the employee with no workspace—if the job doesn’t come with an office, then you can bring the Mobile Xpress with you to wherever work takes you.


You can also use our glass products to display a design for a sign that stands out from the pack. Our frost, clear, and premium white finishes give a forward-thinking look that can add depth or a “floating” design to any sign. Install a custom sign for your company or organization’s reception area that will make an impression on any clients that walk in the door. Decorative glass can easily blend with a wall that has an existing design or add pizazz to a blank wall that needs some spicing up. Incorporate your design into the wall’s background colors or patterns for an interesting, multi-dimensional effect.

About Clarus Glassboards: Clarus is the leading manufacturer and innovator of glass whiteboards and glass visual display products. For more information about clear dry erase boards and our other glass architectural systems, please call 888-813-7414 or visit