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Part II: Whiteboards of the Future

Whiteboard Clocks – Whiteboard clocks are fun for the office, or at home; they leave you space for reminders, and scheduling, but the hands of the clock lay alone on a blank canvas. You are free to draw in an alarm clock, a grandfather clock, or a modern, creative clock to help keep you entertained and to dress up your daily plan.

Interactive Water Board – The water board is a great tool for teaching students about biology, geometry, gravity and inertia. These water boards have streams of water pouring from the top of the board; the instructor can then create water tanks and pathways for the streaming water just by adding dry erase marker in the way of the water’s path. These boards can also direct water with the touch of your hand, or even your entire body. While they could be used as a great learning tool for children, the price would most likely keep them in offices and specialized universities.

Brainstorming “Egg” – The brainstorming egg is one of the coolest and best tools to use for brainstorming in a creative office. The egg is almost a “think tank” of sorts, and you can close yourself away from the world. These brainstorming eggs are made with whiteboard walls, so you can use your imagination on the canvas that fully surrounds you. These think eggs aren’t just made for solitary confinement either, the Danish created the egg to host work meetings and brainstorming sessions in. The egg shape was supposed to break down any feel of hierarchy while seated, so everyone could feel equal and speak their minds accordingly.

Interactive Glass Whiteboard – An interactive glassboard is one of the most cost-effective and interesting ways to use a whiteboard nowadays, and many public schools are slowly filling the classrooms with these great tools. An interactive whiteboard connects to a teacher’s computer, and she can display her lessons on the board, combined with added instruction with dry erase markers. Teachers can also display pre-made lesson plans from websites, or visit various sites made specifically for the boards. While these clear dry erase board almost teach for themselves, instructors can add in fun activities to get their classroom engaged in the lesson. Buying an interactive whiteboard in the glass version is easily the best idea, since glassboards never stain or streak, and can easily outlast the life of the wall.

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