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Part II: Who Benefits from Glass Whiteboards

Hospital Administrators and Office Assistants – Glass whiteboards are a great tool for organizing staff schedules and keeping meetings quick and painless. One of our biggest customers tend to be hospitals, who love the how glassboards are incredibly durable, easy to clean and are a much cleaner, safer board than the traditional whiteboard. Glassboards aren’t like the traditional whiteboards that are made of pressboard and chemical-laiden coating. Glassboards are environmentally friendly and made from all natural products which make them the perfect choice for hospitals. Glassboards are generally cleaner than traditional boards since they are more resistant to little scratches, which bacteria can creep into and live for years. These boards are great for hospitals and offices with revolving schedules; it helps you keep track of who’s working, on-call, on vacation or off for the night. Traditional offices and restaurants can also use the boards to keep track of their employee’s schedules and daily changes to, say, company meetings and deadlines, or even nightly menu specials and discounts.

Grade School Teachers and College Professors – The obvious users of our glassboards are the teachers and professors who use these boards on a daily basis. The glass whiteboard is, of course, the most modern version of the school house blackboard. Teachers and professors love our glassboards because they’re the easiest boards to clean and they never stain or streak. Teachers and professors will readily admit that they would pay out of pocket (and many have) to get themselves quality office supplies. A glassboard can be one of their best investments, since these boards can literally outlast the life of the wall it’s hanging on. That’s right, decorative glass whiteboards are so durable that they have no estimated expiration date. Traditional whiteboards, as most teachers will tell you, last about five to ten years, depending on how much you write on the board and how often you clean it. Teachers can literally invest in their own glassboard and if they ever want to change schools, they can easily remove the board with minimal damage to the walls.

”Momagers” and Organized Families – Stay at home moms and organized families love our glassboards because they fit into their homes in a subtle, seamless way. The glass looks great in any home, and is much easier to look at than the high-gloss, often stained traditional whiteboard. These boards not only blend into any decor, but they are beyond useful to a busy family. They can help keep soccer and ballet schedules in order, help with chores lists, homework lists, weekly meetings, grocery lists, and everything else.

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