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Part II: Your Glass Whiteboard Customization Options

With polished smooth edges and a sleek writing surface, glass whiteboards are hard to resist. These glass marker boards are unlike traditional whiteboards, except that they can also be used to write on with dry erase markers. While traditional whiteboards will crack and stain, glass marker boards are stain resistant and will last as long as the wall it is mounted on. With options like magnetic glass for easy tacking or fun colors to make for an exciting piece, there’s no reason you can’t find the perfect glass whiteboard for you.

Sizing: There’s practically no space large enough to install a glass whiteboard that is too unusually shaped to customize the perfectly sized glass whiteboard for your space. Even if you just want to use glass dry erase as a decorative glass display, there’s no reason your dull, blank space should have to stay that way just because you think it would be too difficult to outfit with a decorative piece. One common use of sizing customization capabilities is installing glass whiteboards into office furniture, which is known for often presenting unusually shaped open spaces—for example, the space between a desk’s hutch and table top may stump you on how to spice up this gap because its shape doesn’t correspond to standard sized decorative pieces. However, you can customize your glass whiteboard to fit any space needing some excitement or utility.

Mounting: You can also get creative with the way your glass whiteboard is mounted, which is done using strong yet sleekly concealed metal mounting hardware. For the “depth” look, you can have your glass whiteboard mounted an inch from the wall for an interesting effect. Or, you can go for the “float” design that seems to be effortlessly hanging against your wall for another visually striking option.

Signage: You don’t have to order a glass whiteboard just for the utility. You can simply order a board for a beautiful decorative glass piece with backpainted glass. This can be done with color, but also printed signage. Get your company logo or whatever visual you desire printed on durable yet sleek tempered glass. You can choose from Frost, Premium White, or Clear for you background colors and any colors you’d like for you printed visual. Get your company logo printed on sophisticated decorative glass to hang in your office, or a motivational saying for an uplifting break room sign. The possibilities are yours to experience!

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