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Part III: Glass Whiteboard Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my glass whiteboard last?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, but if you’re good to your glassboard, it can outlast the life of your wall! Glassboards don’t break down, peel or crack like some traditional whiteboards may do. Another reason traditional whiteboards get the boot is because after a few years they tend to stain and ghost from being written on too many time. This is not the case with a glass whiteboard, since they are non-porous and wash off easily. The glass is 5 to 10 times as strong as regular glass and unless you plan on delivering a powerful blow to the board, you shouldn’t have to worry about it ever breaking. So, while we don’t make “forever” guarantees, your board could very well be passed down to your children!

Q: How durable is tempered glass?

A: Tempered glass can be anywhere from five to ten times stronger than regular glass and is created by a controlled thermal or chemical treatment to increase its strength. Tempering the glass helps to balance the internal stresses in the glass, allowing it to break into small pebble-like crumbles instead of splintering into jagged shards of glass. US tempered glass is rated as a 65 in megapascal pressure-resistance, but since that means almost nothing to the rest of us non-engineers, you can find plenty of videos with people trying to break tempered glass and see just how durable it really is.

Q: Is it worth the price?

A: This is a very personal question and of course, our answer is always “yes!” Here are a few things you can ask yourself to evaluate whether or not a glass whiteboard is right for your office, home or classroom:

  • How many whiteboards have I been through so far?
  • Will I be using my glass marker board daily?
  • Would my company or home benefit from custom coloring and sizing?
  • Would a custom etched logo benefit my company’s image?

Most importantly, will you be using it for over ten years? Many established companies love our boards because they know they aren’t going anywhere, so investing in a durable, streak and stain-free board is absolutely worth the money. For smaller companies with tighter budgets, it may be a bigger decision. One great way to know if the boards are worth the money is to slowly furnish your office. Have three boards that need replacing? Start with one and see the difference for yourself.

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