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Part III: Glass Whiteboards of the Future

Self-Erasing Clocks – We’ve already discussed the fun and creative ways to decorate your clocks, on the dry-erase clock whiteboard. That board had space for writing your daily activities and had blank hands that you could decorate with different designs, colors, or even big reminders. They self-erasing whiteboard clock is similar, but the hands will actually erase the activities for you. This is an awesome tool for keeping on schedule, since your clock won’t be constantly cluttered with your daily activities. You can look at your clock and see what the next event is, and at what time it begins, so you can keep on track in a single glance.

Password Protected Whiteboards – These whiteboards are incredibly useful for offices with proprietary ideas and information that can easily be stolen. These whiteboards are very similar to interactive whiteboards, but they allow you to set a password on the LCD screen to prohibit users from printing or storing any data on the whiteboard. This board will also alert you if you forget to erase the contents after finishing, making it virtually impenetrable for thieves or persons looking to steal your information.

Whiteboard Appliances – That’s right, if you’re a bit of a dry erase marker fiend, you probably already know that any non-porous surface makes a great canvas for dry-erase messages. If you’ve tried writing on your refrigerator, you might have seen that the marker gets stuck in the textured cracks, and can be difficult to clean. If you love the idea of having a refrigerator that doubles as a giant magnetic whiteboard, then the Amana-Jot is your perfect appliance. Some refrigerators may have the high-tech water cooling systems, or spacious pull-out freezers, but very few make the exterior as valuable to your kitchen as the Amana-Jot.

Interactive Brainstorming Table – This is quite possibly one of our favorite innovative whiteboard ideas, and we can’t wait until they come out with a magnetic glass board version of it. These interactive brainstorming tables virtually take your interactive whiteboard—ones that are made for one or two presenters with their piers viewing at a distance—and turn it horizontal. These rounded tables have an interactive section for each seat, and co-workers are welcome to follow along with presentations, while marking down ideas as they come. Once the interactive portion of the presentation is over, your piers still have all their brilliant ideas jotted down and you can draw, mind map or build off of those ideas as a group.

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