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Part III: Your Glass Customization Options

Dry erase boards don’t just have to be a tool. The way that glass whiteboards bust this myth is that these sophisticated boards infuse any space with style using a modern yet modest design that utilizes clean lines and sleek surfaces. It’s a great way to use space effectively, as these boards fuse style with function for a striking design piece with a useful purpose. The glass whiteboard looks fantastic with any existing design or whatever dream interior or exterior design you can imagine; clean lines and sleek, stain resistant tempered or laminated glass add style or energy to any space, no matter what your needs are. There are plenty of customization options available for your glass marker board, including colors, sizes, formats, and so many others that we had to split our feature on glass marker board customization options into three parts. Other options for your clear dry erase board include:

Mobility: If you ever wished you could move your whiteboard wherever you needed with ease, then the Mobile Xpress is for you. With frosted safety glass in a beautiful aluminum frame set on durable castors, the Mobile Xpress presents solutions for the user that needs flexibility with the quality of a more permanent whiteboard. The Mobile Xpress is ideal for a variety of situations that require communication on the go; use it in your restaurant for a movable weekly special board, brainstorming space that you can take from your individual office to your collaborative meeting, a communication device that you can relocate depending on your situation, or whatever your needs may be. The Mobile Xpress is perfect for those who need their whiteboard to be where the action moves. The option is also a unique alternative to mounting your whiteboard on a wall, although the classic format is always a good choice as well.

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Interactivity: With the glass whiteboard, you already have the option to write with glass markers and tack items with magnetic glass. But with Clarus’s interactivity options, you can display and access data from computers and projectors. Powered by eBeam, you can seamlessly integrate data for presentations and other display needs with a LiveWire adaptor that includes software and memory that allows you to record audio and other features to amp up your presentation. With a glass whiteboard impressive all on its own, you can take your glass whiteboard to the next level with an interactivity package.

Accessories: To store your glass markers in a stylish and functional way, you can choose from sleek aluminum or glass treys to mount next to or on your glass whiteboard.

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