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Collaborative Spaces Can’t Be an Afterthought


On today’s episode of Glass is in Session by Clarus, we’re exploring two of their flagship products, Depth and Float. These two glassboard designs have been paramount to the success and growth of Clarus, but beyond the specificities of the design, these glassboards really pull the curtain back and show that collaborative surfaces were, for a very long time, an after-thought.

As the modern classroom and workspace keeps changing, so do the ways those spaces get visualized and constructed. We’re rejoined by Brittney Ricks, VP of Brand & Marketing, who explains how designers, facility managers and construction firms are having to come together earlier in the process to create integrated, authentic collaborative spaces.

If there’s one main thing to take away from this conversation, it’s that design doesn’t have to be neglected to achieve high performing solution products. “As collaborative surfaces are now being integrated within the design, it’s important that the products they’re choosing are going to stand the test of time,” Ricks said.