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Ensuring a Hands-On, Unforgettable Client Experience


On Glass is in Session, we’ve discussed several aspects of the glassboard. We’ve looked at the intricacy behind the designs, the psychology of writing, and their impact on the Healthcare industry. On today’s episode, we wanted to explore the business side of Clarus; specifically, how they ensure client success. Being a company that is best known for creating a “simple” communication tool, their communication prowess doesn’t stop there.

Larissa Brown, Client Success Manager for Clarus, joined us on the podcast to explain the long, personal relationship between company and client that ensures their glassboards are being used to their max potential. It helps that glass is a versatile material. “We have tabletops made of glass, we have walls made of glass, we have doors made of glass,” Brown said. “When we are talking with clients, we let them know that their possibilities are limitless.”

Brown deals with clients in corporate, educational and healthcare spaces, all of which require different functions and a different level of bureaucratic communication; she breaks down how Clarus personalizes each interaction and product, and why they’re consolidating their communication process down to an easy-to-use portal. In the end, it’s all about educating customers, and Brown explains why that takes time and careful attention. “What we really pride ourselves on is that the client is taken care of,” Brown said.