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Healthcare Design Expo Thoughts and Trends


The AEC world doesn’t live an isolated life; it never has. But more than ever, with advancements in collaborative technology and innovative design, AEC professionals are seeing a revitalized convergence with other industries. This includes Healthcare, and between November 10-13 in Phoenix, more than 3200 industry professionals came together for the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, the leading event for the latest and greatest in the worlds of design and well-being.

Leading up to the show, we sat down with Jason Pierret, Healthcare Market Manager for Clarus, for another episode of Glass is in Session. Pierret gave some insight on what Clarus is bringing to the show this year, but more importantly, he laid out what he thinks the biggest (or most important) trends in healthcare design are and how they’d be represented at the show. “What’s important in a setting like this is to be able to share those ideas…but also to be able to understand what other people have done before that have worked,” Pierret said.

With an opening keynote digging into the aesthetics of joy and how simple additions of color in hospitals can transform patient care, as well as a closing keynote on the future of patient engagement, it felt like the most impactful trends were also the most simple in focus. Pierret breaks down how, even with advancements in technology and creativity in design, the vision should never stray too far from the physician or patient that working or recovering in the space. “One of the things we’re seeing in the industry is a correlation between the hospitality industry and the healthcare industry,” Pierret said.