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How Clarus Creates Memorable Experiences


Creating a unique and special experience each time an individual interacts with your brand can be a great way for a company stand out. Whether it’s on the road at trade shows or at home in the corporate office, Rebecca Grefrath, Marketing Experience Coordinator for Clarus, always seeks to make every interaction an unforgettable one.

“We usually try to personalize the visit as much as possible,” Grefrath says of the times when the company welcomes visitors to the headquarters. “I think that personalization goes a long way and really hits home with people.” A recent study by Frost & Sullivan really drives this point home. According to the study, customer experience will overtake price and product as the top driver of business by the year 2020.

Planning and executing the Clarus booth at trade shows is another integral part of Rebecca’s job. She says these shows are another opportunity give people a personalized and special experience. One of the ways they do this is by having an artist draw “Clarucatures” of visitors to the Clarus booth. This means that visitors walk away with a drawing of themselves on Clarus glass to remember the experience, but that’s not the only benefit. “For 3-5 minutes we have a person in our booth space that’s getting their face drawn on a piece of our glass that we can talk to,” she says. “We get an opportunity to meet them…and then they’re walking away with our product all at the same time.”