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Putting Collaboration on Wheels


Last week on Glass is in Session, we took a look at Clarus’ two flagship products: Depth and Float. Though those set the stage for Clarus’ success, their diversified portfolio of offerings is what keeps them in the game. On today’s episode of Glass is in Session by Clarus, we’re exploring another one of their products, and this one put collaboration on wheels. The go! Mobile glassboard is giving even more flexibility for collaboration in the modern, wall-less workplace, but even more exciting is how go! Mobile is letting people create “pop-up” workplaces of their own.

“Organically what people have been doing is ganging them together and making walls within walls,” said Brittney Ricks, VP of Brand & Marketing, who shares how go! Mobile is flourishing in higher education. With Generation Z as their target audience, they had to find a product that fit their more diverse and creative learning needs. What helps set the Clarus glassboard apart, though, is the design. New iterations of go! Mobile came directly from customer needs, like creating a three-wheeled version that fit more neatly between desks. Even the basics were intentional. Take the wheels for instance. Clarus found the cleanest and most intuitive solution was rollerblade wheels; not what you would immediately expect.

Ricks explores other industries where go! Mobile is catching stride, like A&D firms, and where she still thinks there’s an untapped market, like the Hospitality industry. “Anyone can come up with a collaborative surface and put wheels on it and have their product on the line. I think what’s made ours successful is the Clarus brand,” Ricks said.