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The Psychology of Writing in AEC


There’s a surprisingly magical, and yet simple side effect to writing things down. People who describe or visualize their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to meet them. It comes down to the science of externalizing ideas and helping your brain encode those ideas more effectively. So how can you and why should you, as a business owner or executive at your company, encourage something as simple as writing things down in your workplace, something that will get your employees more involved, collaborative and thoughtful?

Our guest on today’s podcast, Jamie-Clare de la Chapelle, Content Marketing Coordinator for Clarus, breaks down just how crucial it is to remember the psychology in writing when designing your workplace. “It helps you be a more critical thinker, and it improves your creativity just because you’re writing things down. That’s so irreplaceable,” de la Chapelle said.

De la Chapelle explains her journey into educational psychology, and how landing at Clarus couldn’t have been a more perfect fit to educate AEC professionals on the benefits of writing. On the verge of publishing her CEU titled “The Psychology of Writing Things Down and What It Means for Design,” she details more in-depth the science that makes writing so much stickier than typing, how seamless design techniques can not only empower but encourage writing, and how she’s helping educate the AEC community on best practices. “We need it to be collaborative, we need it to be convenient, we need it to be comfortable,” de la Chapelle said.