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Projection Technology and Your Glassboard

The classic, modern communication tool

Did you know that projection technology has been around since 1659? Invented by Dutch scientist Christian Huygens, he used a concave mirror to maneuver light from a lamp onto a glass slide, creating a projection effect. Fast forward several hundred years to the modern era, your interactions with projection technology might be: the new immersive art installation you saw last weekend, the classroom lecture from your professor, the movie you most recently saw, or maybe the presentation deck you viewed on the big screen from the business meeting last week. Projection technology is everywhere and can be utilized in countless creative ways.

At Clarus, many of our diverse glassboard products have the capability of being a projection surface. Whatever space you are in, and whatever ideas you need to communicate, Clarus products offer high-quality and versatile visual display options.


Why projection?

From a concepting idea, to an art piece, project, or business proposal you are presenting, giving your audience a coinciding visual makes a lasting impact. In comparison to TVs or monitors, using projection technology is easier on the viewer’s eyes, creating less strain and allowing for longer focus.

When it comes to projection surface options, there is an array of products on the market, such as a standard whiteboard or a rollable projection screen. Both of those items will do the job, but what if we told you we could do you one better?


Why Clarus projectable glassboards?

Clarus projection glassboards consist of a piece of acrylic with transparent sheets on both sides- the top sheet is opaque enough to block any light from reaching your eyes directly, and the bottom sheet allows full transparency. This combination will let the perfect amount of light through, allowing the projector’s image to reflect off of it.

Once you have your glassboard, projecting is quite simple: just as you would with a standard projection screen, aim your projector at the glassboard, pull up your presentation or materials, and start communicating your ideas.

In comparison to other projection screen options, Clarus products stand apart from the rest with high-quality standards, sleek and modern materials, and a range of customization options. With Clarus, you can choose from an array of sizes, shapes, and colors for the power of creative choice. Still on the fence? See below for a few more reasons why glassboards are the next leading projection surface:

  • Glassboard images are more vivid than any other material used for screen projections
  • Clarus products are not affected by ambient lighting conditions
  • Glassboard projections can be seen even with lights on, unlike traditional projection screens
  • Glassboards are easy to clean and maintain
  • Clarus glassboards are made up of a writable material, so you can mark up your presentation in real-time and bring your visual communications to life


Start projecting your ideas today

At Clarus, we are proud to ensure that our products will not only grant customers creative mobility, but will look great for years to come. Step up your visual communication game and contact one of our reps on how you can get a projectable glassboard of your own.