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Load Test Results Demonstrate Clarus’ Safety Commitment

Clarus Glassboards™ commissioned an independent third party, Architectural Testing, Inc. to measure the strength of the adhesive used to mount the world’s greatest writing surfaces to the wall. This critical connection is important to uphold the safety of the glassboard – confidently holding it to the wall with zero risk of failure.

With molecular-level bonding, and a materials science approach to adhesion, Clarus glassboards have always been over-engineered to provide perfection in safe mounting. And that commitment to safety was evident in the results of the test, as Clarus glassboards delivered astounding performance in load testing, holding strong against up to 6500 lbs of force. Such a test reflects well on the hard work, and commitment to only the finest materials in the craftsmanship of Clarus glassboards. And it’s a statement of transparency as well – establishing an industry standard for safety testing that designers should demand. The independent study serves as proof that not only are Clarus glassboards the best looking and most functional writing surface on the market, but the safest as well.