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Revolutionize family organization with clear dry erase board

No household is immune to the mess of family chaos. Kids make things messy, both with the applesauce they get all over the table and their hectic schedules. Even with one child, it can be difficult to keep track of their schedule—school events, sport practices and games, play dates—without some help with organization. A clear dry erase board can help organize your family and adds a sophisticated touch to your home.

Use a clear dry erase board as an interactive message board. A clear dry erase board can serve as a home’s communication hub. Many children are too young for cell phones and cell phones do not totally connect a family, and so clear dry erase boards can help solve these problems. You can write on a clear dry erase board just as you can a regular whiteboard—dry erase markers that wipe off cleaner on glass whiteboards than traditional whiteboards. Write down a phone number, an appointment time, or other reminders for family members to see. Place the whiteboard where family members are bound to notice, especially on their way out the door. There are so many possibilities to use a glass whiteboard in a home, such as writing down the night’s menu, or instructions for putting lasagna in the oven.

Exchange important notes or documents with magnetic glass. You can customize your clear dry erase board with magnetic glass. This allows you to “tack” documents to the glass without having to use pins that may fall off the board to be stepped on or picked up by a small child. Your kids can put up permission slips or other documents that need to be signed and then you can tack it back right away to be picked up on their way out the door for school. Print out directions to your child’s baseball game to tack up or pin an invitation to an important event to serve as a reminder. You can also pin up fun notes or photos to personalize this space.

Make your clear dry erase board a scheduling nucleus. One customization option for your glass whiteboard is a printed template—a great glass whiteboard tool results when you choose to print a calendar template on the glass. Pin important documents to important dates, or simply write notes or scheduled events on the days they take place. Once the month is over, you can just wipe the board clean and start again with the new month. A calendar template is another great way that a clear dry erase board can help you organize.

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